More reading material by Juliane Stadler

Short stories

Drei Tagesritte vom Bodensee

Der Zwölfte oder der Sängerkrieger von Trossingen

The short story "The Twelfth or the Singer Warrior from Trossingen" was published in 2011 in the anthology of Gmeiner-Verlag "Three day's rides from Lake Constance".  The starting point was a spectacular grave find from the 6th century. AD from Trossingen, a warrior's grave with excellently preserved objects. In addition to everyday objects, sumptuous clothing and combat equipment, one object stood out in particular: a lyre depicting twelve armed men.
The story of this man and his unusual instrument won third prize in the Quo Vadis short story competition.

Engel, Hexen, Wiedertäufer

Drei Kerben und ein Königspfennig

At the center of this story are the secret courts run by laymen who secretly ensured law and order in medieval Westphalia where the rulers could not or did not want to. The short story was published in 2013 in the anthology of Waxmannverlags "Engel, Hexen, Wiedertäufe



A really short story called "Seelenruhe" can be found in the anthology "Burgenbrand" by Burgenwelt-Verlag. It is a fragment that later found its way into the novel “Krone des Himmels” in a modified form.