Juliane Stadler

c/o  Literarische Agentur Thomas Schlück GmbH
Hohenzollernstraße 56
30161 Hannover
E-Mail: info(at)


Interview and press inquiries

For press inquiries or interview requests, please contact the publisher:

PIPER Verlag
Georgenstraße 4
80799 München
E-Mail: press(at)


Reading requests for booksellers and organizers

Ms. Stadler is also happy to read in your city. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Ritter at the event management of PIPER Verlag.


Signed books

You are also welcome to purchase a signed copy of the german editon. You can either get them at a reading or order them from the Fröhlich bookstore in Speyer. The contact details are:

Buchhandlung Fröhlich
Roßmarktstraße 3
67346 Speyer
Tel. 06232/25675